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Orange, CT Stone Patio Installation

Example of a Stone Patio Installation in Orange, CT

The slate patio walkway the homeowners was dealing with was an eyesore and a safety hazard for their young children. The installation was wrong done wrong and every stone was now loose.

The Photos

Patio Installation Patio Installation

What we did

To start the project we removed the old patio stones. When the old stone was removed we dug down 12 inches to ensure that we had a proper foundation to build the new patio. We found all sorts of old building materials, old patio blocks, and even a big pile of leaves that was buried and used as fill. This patio was doomed to start. After a few laughs and at what we found we began digging for our foundation.

To ensure the newly installed patio would last we made sure to have a proper foundation. We got the measurements and set the right angle. Our foundation was about 6-8 inches of processed stone that was tamped down every two inches and then 4 inches of sand two inches tamped two inches loose ( this is what helps lock the patios in place).Once the patio blocks were laid (12×12 inch patio pavers in this case) we finished it off by sweeping polymetric sand into the joints.

The homeowners were so happy with the quality of work and amazed that the job was completed in only 1 day.

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