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Milford, CT Bathroom Remodeling

Here is an example of a bathroom remodeling in Milford, CT

This bathroom was beyond bad. The sheetrock was rotten and caving in to the point of decomposition. The mold on the studs had to be taken care of in a professional and safe manner. The floors in the bathroom were uneven and patched with plywood. This project was not an easy fix and ended up being a complete gut.

What we did

We had to rip everything out of the bathroom and do a complete gut. We put in a new 3/4 inch subfloor and Durarock went under tile on the floor and behind the tile for the shower. We decided to use the Durarock because it will not rot like the sheetrock and prevent similar problems from arising in the future. Tile was then used for the floor and the shower. The final upgrade we made to the bathroom was a new exhaust fan. Exhaust fan installation allows moisture to easily get out of the bathroom. This Milford bathroom remodeling was quite an upgrade from what the homeowner was dealing with. The homeowner was very happy with the new look of the bathroom and knowing that the air quality was better in the house because all of the mold was removed.

The Photos
Bathroom Remodeling Milford, CT Milford Bathroom Remodeling

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