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Essential Tips for Hiring a Reputable Handyman

Choosing a Handyman is Not an Easy Decision

There are certain home improvement projects or repairs that you do may have the knowledge or skill set to complete. When a situation like this arises it is advised to hire a professional handyman to completed the job. But how do you know the handyman you are going to trust with your job is actually a professional and complete the job properly?You need to consider several important factors when selecting a handyman. Here are some tips to find a reputable handyman in your area:

Ask for Recomendations

A great way to begin the process of finding a quality handyman is to ask people you know such as friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. The beauty of asking people you know is that they have no incentive to lie and will usually be very honest with their experience. If they had a bad experience they will be sure to let you know and it is recommended that you take that handyman off the list of potential companies to do your job. Any handyman that is recommended by people you know should be further researched. Questions I suggest to ask include:

  • Was the work done in a timely manner?
  • What was the rate of the handyman?
  • Have your worked with this handyman multiple times?
  • What type of project did the handyman complete?
  • Did the handyman have insurance?

Research, Research, Research

Now that you have information on some companies it is now time to do some internet snooping. The first step I recommend is to look up all the handyman that people suggested, as well as finding other local handyman that seem like they would be a good fit for your job.

Start of by doing a Google search to find company websites of handyman people suggested. This allows you to see things such as photos of completed projects, lists of services they provide and testimonials. You will be able to get an idea of hourly rates, see if an estimate is required and get the necessary contact information for the handyman.

If it seems like they may be a good fit it is time to do a little snooping. Go to Google and do a search such as this one:

  • “[Handyman] reviews”
  • “[Handyman] [state] reviews”
  • “[Handyman] [town] reviews”

This will allow you to see all the online reviews for the company. If reviews are negative it is advised that you reconsider the handyman. Websites you can find handyman reviews include Yelp.com, CitySearch.com, Yellowpages.com and InsiderPages.com. You may see reviews from other similar websites as well. Please note one bad review my not necesarilly be a bad things. Often times customers are in the wrong. If a handyman has one bad review and you are still considering them, ask about the situation and how they resolved it.

I advise not only limiting yourself to handyman services people you know recommend. Use the internet to find other handyman services that may be worth contacting. Begin the process by doing searches on Google similar to the ones below:

  • “[Handyman] state”
  • “[Handyman] [town] [state]”
  • “[Handyman] [town]”
  • “state [Handyman]”
  • “[town] [state] [Handyman]”
  • “[town] [Handyman]”

From here repeat the same process used for finding the handyman that were recommended to you. Now it is time to contact the handyman services that seemed like a good fit to complete your project. You can use website contact forms or the phone number listed on the website. In general, it seems that a handyman will be more prompt if you call them but this depends on the person.

Talk to the Handyman and Follow Your Gut

It is now time to talk to the handymen and decide which one you will hire. There are many things to consider and many questions you should ask each handyman. For example, you should as the handyman for references. A reputed handyman company will give you reference without any hesitation. It is advises you follow up and check these references. You should also ask for references similar to the job you are considering hiring them for. For example, if you need to repair your roof, you need to choose a handyman that has really worked on a roof before. A handyman who has experience in the type of job you are requesting is always a better choice compared to someone with less knowledge.

Check whether the handyman you select has a current license along with proper insurance coverage. Having an up to date insurance will makes sure the handyman is properly covered in the case of accidents. You can also ask the handyman if he can guarantee his work. This will ensure the quality of work provided by the worker. A handyman who guarentees their work is usually dependable and stands by what they do.

You need to be comfortable with the service charges of the handyman you select and be aware if they need to do an estimate on your project before moving forward. You should ask about an estimate for a completion date. If you consider these facts, you will get the opportunity to experience a hassle free service from the handyman.

Lastily, you need to follow your gut. The impression the handyman makes on your is important. If he seems like an honest person and will do a good job, you may want to consider that handyman. If a handyman is acting sketchy, it is advised to choose one who seems more honest.

Concluding our Tips for Hiring a Handyman

These tactics will help make the process of finding a handyman much easier. You do not want to get stuck with a bad handyman. It will cost you more money in the long run to fix the work. It is a great investment of time and your money to take the steps to ensure the handyman you decide to hire is reputable and do your project correctly. Good luck! I hope you enjoyed our tips for hiring a handyman!